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Our Review of Three Drywall Repair Companies in Rock Hill, SC

Dec 13

Our Review of Three Drywall Repair Companies in Rock Hill, SC

These are the three businesses we selected to review:

1. DB Drywall, painting York County

2. Hargrove's Maintenance Services

3. Rock Hill Drywall Repair


How We Review

Based on our previous experience as homeowners, we created our review structure. We also identified the things that we wanted. When we hire or call a contractor to work on our house, these are the three most important concerns.


Contractors rarely pick up the phone. This is because most construction workers are busy with jobs. We want to know who values the chance of a new customer, so we timed every response!


As we enter a recession, value is crucial. First, we want to find out if they offer a free estimate. We then compare that estimate with others to determine if they are charging too much.

High Quality Work

Our biggest concern will be the final result of any repairs that we have made. Bruce, a friend, has been hired as an independent drywaller. To inspect the work and to see how professional the repairs were, The three contractors will repair identical-sized holes in the walls. These holes measure approximately 7 by 9 inches in height and are located between the studs.

DB Drywall and Painting of York County
We called the contractor, and the phone rang four times before anyone answered. Michael, the person answering the phone was very professional and had an exuberant tone. He asked us for details about the hole and offered to come by and take a look. AWESOME! Within 4 hours, Michael was at our home! He looked professional, was well-dressed, had a company vehicle marked, and seemed to really know his job. We felt very comfortable hiring him. He actually began working right away after he provided us with a quote. Michael took approximately 1.5 hours to fix the hole. It turned out really well! It was very smooth and we couldn't tell that there had been any damage.

Hargrove's Maintenance Services
We called Hargroves but, to our dismay, no one answered the phone. We left a message, and waited to hear back. Four hours later, we received a callback. Jeff was the one who called us back. Although he was polite, his speech style was a bit "rough around the edges". He was kind and willing to help, so this wasn't a problem. After asking a few questions, he replied that he could not provide free estimates due to the increased cost of the project (due to Biden). He also had to charge a $40 travel expense for the estimate. We agreed to the repairs, hoping that he would redeem himself, even though we didn't appreciate the political insult. The next morning, he came to the house and offered us a quote. Although the quote seemed fair, we accepted it. Jeff took over an hour to patch the hole, but he needed to return the next day because he didn't use quick-drying mud to finish the job. The patch was pretty good when Jeff was done, but there was still some evidence of the damage. We were disappointed to say the least.

Rock Hill Drywall Repair
Rock Hill Drywall Repair was contacted and answered the phone in two minutes. "Impressive!" My husband agreed. Matthew was the one who answered the phone. He was professional but also very friendly. He was able to clearly understand our needs and explain the process of repairs such as this. They will first have the next available tech call us as soon as they finish the current job. The tech will arrange a time for you to come by and give you a free estimate. If accepted, then you can start work immediately. It was great to know what to expect as a homeowner. We provided him with our address, number, and name to pass on to the next contractor.

It had been one hour since Matthew, and I last spoke on the phone, when Matthew's phone rang. It was Johnny (or Yony). Although he spoke English well, he had a Hispanic accent. This detail is necessary because it can be difficult to understand someone from another country. Johnny asked us if we could go our way and we said yes. He arrived twenty minutes later. He arrived in a company car, was able to show his identification, and wore nets over the shoes. We told him that he didn't have to put on a mask and he could even offer to wear it. This gesture was appreciated considering the post-pandemic environment we now live in.

Johnny examined the hole and explained his plans to fix it to us. He also gave us an estimate. We were more satisfied with the estimate than we were with the other. He agreed to our agreement and got to work.

Johnny began by making a hole in the wall. He then made it bigger to install sheetrock on top of the hole. Then he taped the hole with mesh tape. This is a better quality drywall tape and he began mixing the mud. He used a quick-set mud that was only 10 minutes. It was impressive because only experienced contractors use quick-set 10 minute mud. This is because you have only a few minutes to repair the damage before it hardens. He did it. He did it well. After his first coat, I wondered if he would need to sand because of the perfect skimming.

After waiting twenty minutes, we offered him water. He declined and showed us the water bottle that he brought with him. You are prepared! After the mud had dried, he lightly sanded it. I have to admit that I was impressed with how perfect it looked. Although he said that he could leave the job as it was, he noticed some imperfections and wanted to ensure we were satisfied with the results. I've never seen a contractor who is willing to do more work so that their repairs are satisfactory. Great work ethic! He applied a light skim coat, which dried in just 12 minutes. Then he lightly sanded the area and painted it. Johnny was a great guy and we enjoyed the experience. While we waited for the mud dried, he was easy to talk to and, to be honest with you, a very neat person.

The Results

Rock Hill Drywall Repair was awarded the top spot for a best drywall contractor in York County. Hargroves was last because they didn't make us feel as comfortable as our other contractors and the political slur we received on our first call.

Rock Hill Drywall Repair made it feel like we were being taken care of. They were prompt, professional, and friendly and went above and beyond for the repairs they had performed. They are a credit to me that I can't praise enough.

Rock Hill Drywall Repair is the best choice if you need drywall repair in Rock Hill. They are available from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and can be reached at 803-877-6671. Their website is https://rockhilldrywallrepair. com Here is the link to their Google account: xrbBBxoCsQwzosE98

Rock Hill Drywall Repair is also listed on Better Business Bureau. They have a 5-star rating from their customers! It's not surprising: rock-hill/profile/drywall- contractors/rock-hill-drywall- repair-0473-92025114

We hope that you have as great an experience as we had!

Photo of author Katie WeiselAuthor
Katie Weisel is a Rock Hill resident for 13 years. She is a columnist at The Herald and offers independent reviews of businesses from the county. Yoseph Weisel is her husband, and she lives with their three children.