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Technology is Great, Boots on the Roof is Better

Apr 26


The technology in the roofing industry is continually evolving. Drones, mapping technology as well as robots that can put up components of roofs have made roofing safer and more efficient than ever before. The use of aerial photography and surveillance are not an alternative to hiring contractors to look over the roof.

Along with these technologies estimation software has made the process of quoting clients simple and effective. Although these technologies are great roofing contractors need to be mindful of their limitations and should not employ them as a substitute for. This is where the roofing firm in San Antonio can help.


Which Modern Technology is the best for you?

Overson Roofing has found drones to be an important tool in technology. Drones make it easier for roofers to inspect roofs in poor weather.


Roofering is a skill that takes years to master. Nothing can improve the skill more than being up on the roof. There's nothing like actually inspecting the roof. The drone cannot detect soft spots that could cause drainage issues. A drone won't be able to detect dry rotting or detached underlayment. Although a drone can take measurements but it is not able to capture the specifics involved in the roof repair. If not treated drones will be unable to identify small issues that can become big problems.


San Antonio roofing services Texas are professional roofers and want to capture every detail of each roof we construct. We can't find all these problems by simply taking aerial photographs, telling the customer what we have done, and leaving. There's no better method to obtain the information we need than putting up a ladder at the back of the house and then climbing to the roof. There's no better way to get roofing work done.


Which option will be quite satisfactory?

Roofers are essential to good roofing contractors. However, this doesn't suggest that technology does not have an important place in the roofing industry. In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic we used many virtual systems to communicate with clients as well as send them pictures and estimates virtually. This technology enabled us to continue to work with clients while maintaining social distancing protocols. Drones as well as aerial photography are used when it is unsafe to be on roofs, such as during monsoon season. This technology has greatly improved in the past 10 years. We, roofing company in San Antonio TX will teach you the most effective techniques.


We also constantly look to incorporate new and innovative roofing materials like underlays and special coatings. One of the biggest technological advances we have implemented in the past few years have been the underlays we utilize. We have transitioned to using rubberized fiberglass-reinforced based sheets. This has been a critical advancement in roofing technology for our company since we're located situated in Arizona where extreme temperatures are a constant problem for our customers. Arizona roofs can be up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit , and the flexible fiberglass that is rubberized can expand without breaking.

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Hire a professional roofing company

Roofers must take into consideration the climate they will be working in as roofing is very local. Arizona is not the same as Florida or California. For Arizona roofing contractors, we face an extremely dry and hot climate that poses various challenges compared to a humid and humid or cold climate. It is our duty as roofers who are professionals to ensure we inform the client about what is the most suitable option for their house and the reason.


We've also been experimenting using solar reflective shingles. The granules' coating reflect more heat off the roof. These shingles cool the roof, and help make it more efficient in terms of energy use.


As roofing experts, we Shield Roofing are always experimenting with new technology, but the widespread adoption is a slow process because we need to test the new tech and be sure that it's working. It doesn't necessarily mean that the technology works or appropriate for our clients. Each roofing company must examine and collect the information necessary to make sure they use the most effective products and perform the top job for clients.


The roofing industry has developed immensely over the years However, that doesn't suggest that you must immediately start taking advantage of it to finish the job. Roofers should be able reach the top of the roof only when it's safe. This will help roofing contractors examine every inch of the customer's roof, providing precise estimates and the best installation or repair possible.

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